Dainty Jewels

I'm not big into wearing jewelry. The only jewelry I wear are my dainty little gold rings that I never take off. (And recently, an emerald necklace my boyfriend gave me for Christmas). Surprisingly well made dainty gold jewelry is hard to find. I've gone through tons of little gold rings, some from a well-known jewelry brand, because after wearing them for a month or two the gold eventually wears off and they turn silver. 

Luckily, I found this amazing company, GLDN by Layered & Long, that makes their gold rings 'gold filled', (Gold filled is an actual layer of gold that's pressure bonded to another metal, different from gold plating, so it doesn't flake, rub off or turn colors) handmade in the USA, and gives 10% of profits to charity. They make pieces that you don't ever want to take off. (Like my 'C ♥ N' ring that I'm OBSESSED with) It's just simple, easy to coordinate staples that become your favorite everyday jewelry. 

GLDN is so awesome, they're giving my blog readers $5 off their order with code

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Special thanks to GLDN for sponsoring this post!

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