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Good morning! It's been awhile.. I've recently found myself in a creative rut. I have been looking for inspiration everywhere I go, and just couldn't seem to find any from anywhere or anything. The past year started out great and ended at a low for me. I got very discouraged with a lot of things in life. I tend to be very critical and hard on myself, so it's been a little bit of a process coming out of my rut. Luckily the new year has started out on a high note. I'm happy to announce that I have partnered with some great brands and even better people to bring you some new and inspiring content! 

Now, can we just talk about how cute my new watch is? It's the Frankie 35 in zebrawood and champagne from JORD Wood Watches. It's made out of wood so each one is so different and unique. (Check out the rest of their women's and men's watches also!) You can definitely tell that JORD cares about the quality of their products. From the amazing craftsmanship of the wood band, to their packaging and included care kit, I was impressed. (I'm such a sucker for good packaging) When I was picking a watch out, they even sized it to my wrist so it would arrive ready-to-wear.

Even with how stylish and cute this watch is, this is not something that I would initially go for. I would normally pick something gold, and simple - that's just my go to. So this is a little out of my fashion comfort zone. I usually keep my style pretty basic; neutral colors, and dainty gold pieces for accessories. But this watch is so easy to style! It gives my simple, basic outfits just the perfect amount of chicness. The sleek face makes it easy to dress up and with the earthy wood band, makes it easy to dress down. 

If you love this watch just as much as I do, then you're in luck. Thanks to JORD Wood Watches, one lucky reader with receive a $100 gift card! That's not all though.. everyone that enters will receive a $25 promo code at the end of the contest just for entering. 

To enter, follow the link here. ( Contest closes on February 19th.

Good luck everyone! 

Special thanks to JORD Wood Watches for sponsoring this post, Sierra Hunts, and Minery Rentals for the amazing photography and props. 

Watches Made From Wood


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