Blue Green Algae

Can we just talk about blue green algae for a minute? If you follow me on Snapchat, (Colieolieoh)  you have seen me post it many times..

I know this looks weird and disgusting.. But it's really just like taking a wheat grass shot.

I take this E3Live BrainOn every morning.. I keep it in my freezer, and when I wake up, take it out to thaw a little bit, pour a shot and down the hatch it goes!

I first heard about this miracle shot from The Skinny Confidential.. Even British royalty are taking it..
It provides 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.. and it is the richest source of chlorophyll. 
That is all great.. but THIS is what really got me..

“As stated by the largest and most extensive study, blue green algae AFA has been proven to increase immune cell migration– the process which gets them where they are needed. One particular double blind human study revealed that within two hours of eating blue green algae AFA, 40% of the circulating natural killer cells were triggered to move from the blood to the tissues. Natural killer cells are especially known for finding virally infected cells, including cancer cells, and killing them. NO OTHER NATURAL SUBSTANCE is known to trigger such a movement of NK cells in the body. Further research MAY prove that eating a small amount of blue green algae AFA every day could assist in the prevention of cancer and viral infections.”

Read more about it here, via

AND.. come to find out.. this E3Live brand, is local and harvests its algae right from Klamath Lake! How cool is that?!

Go check out E3Live, and all of their amazing products! 
Also, if you are local.. I get mine from Shop N Kart in Ashland. 

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