Night Time Skin Care Routine

My night time skincare routine is pretty basic. Sometimes I'll get crazy and do a face mask. (See my top 7 face masks post here). I try to do a face mask at least once a week, but honestly I've been slacking on my skincare lately. 

I'll start by washing my face with Shiseido cream cleanser and my Clarisonic brush. After, I pat my face dry, (Don't pull or tug on your skin!) and put on my awesome robot mask, the Illumask, for 15 minutes. I bought the acne one because it actually has both the red and blue lights, whereas the anti-aging one only has red. (Red is for anti-aging, and blue is to kill bacteria).  
Then, I moisturize using the StriVectin retinol eye treatment on and around my eyes, ROC deep wrinkle night cream on my neck and face, and Dr. Lipp's nipple balm on my lips. (Trust me this stuff is incredible, especially in the winter).
Lastly I put Cetaphil lotion on my body and if my hands are feeling super dry, ( they usually do) I will wear my Bliss glamour gloves for a bit while I watch TV. I've tried to sleep with them on before and I end up ripping them off in my sleep. 

I listed all the products I mentioned below, so check them out. I love them all! 

Do you have a night time skincare product you absolutely love?! I'd love to know!


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