Homemade Vanilla Extract

I started making my own vanilla extract about two years ago. It's SUPER easy! 

You will need:
•Small bottle (I used an old Stumptown Coffee bottle)
•Cork or top to the bottle
•1-2 Vanilla beans (depending on how big your bottle is. I used 1)

1. Make sure the bottle in rinsed clean. 
2. Cut vanilla bean lengthwise to expose inside. 
3. With a knife, scrape vanilla out and place in bottle. 
4. Once most of the inside is removed place bean inside bottle also. 
5. Fill with vodka. 
6. Put lid on, and shake. 

You will want to give your bottle a good shake a couple times a week. 
In about 2 1/2 months your vanilla extract will be ready to use!

Has anybody made their own vanilla extract before? What about other things like this? If so, please share. I love easy recipes like this! 

XO Nichole

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