Gấc Fruit Is The New Açaí


Have you guys heard of gac fruit?! Well, it's about time you did because it is AMAZING! It has sooo many health benefits; it's absolutely packed with nutrients. Plus, they're really cool looking. It's like a dragonfruit and a horned melon had a baby. Gac fruit can only be found in Southeast Asian regions, and it's harvested only 2-3 months a year!

GacLife is the worlds first direct-to-consumer gac super fruit infused beverage brand. They just announced the release of Gc Sport. Gc Sport offers the highest amount of all-natural antioxidant carotenoids and electrolytes. No added sugar, free from preservatives and unwanted chemicals, and weighs in at less than 10 calories per can. For athletes, Gac Sport provides powerful protection for the muscle, vision, and lung functions, leading to improvements in overall stamina, performance, and hand-eye coordination. When coupled with vitamins A, E, and C, such as those found in gac, carotenoids delay onset muscle soreness helping to heal faster, and grow stronger! One can of 12oz Gac Sport includes 20mg of carotenoids, which is equal to consuming 1 head of cabbage, 5 large tomatoes, 15 large carrots, and 30 bunches of spinach! My favorite part.. It also protects against UV rays! (You guys know how much I love anti-aging!) Carotenoids and vitamins A, E, and C, can help collagen, the strengthening protein in the skin that keeps it firm and youthful looking, from being broken down over time. Gac fruit is also low in sugar, which has been associated with acne breakouts and skin aging.
There has been research that shows extracts of Gac helped to restrict the blood vessels feeding tumors, starving the cancer and killing it. The high amounts of Lycopene and Lutein in Gac may help stop tumors from growing in the colon, the breasts, and skin. Polyphenols also do their part, preventing normal cells from being damaged and turning into tumors, while also attacking cancerous cells and forcing them to self-destruct. (source)
Lastly, the added electrolytes also help rehydrate you after a workout.. or a night out of drinking. Which I think can come in pretty handy for most of us. These days I can get hungover from just having a glass of wine with dinner. Thank you 30's. You guys feel my pain? Give me all the GacLife!

Another thing that is really cool about GacLife, is when you order online, they will gift a 6 pack to a friend! All you have to do is fill in your friends shipping info at the final order confirmation page. How nice is that?!

Now for the taste.. I tried the GacSport which is lemon and electrolytes. It has a very subtle flavor. It is light and refreshing. You can feel it rehydrating and restoring your body as you drink it.
Also, I added some GacLife Sport to my smoothie after Orange Theory the other day and it was reaaaal tasty! I highly recommend it. Maybe I should do a recipe post? What do you guys think?


Special thanks to GacLife for sponsoring this post!

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