Breakfast Parfait

Easy breakfast options are a must for me, and i've been a fan of R.e.d.d. bars for over a year now. So, with all their new flavors out now, I decided to make some little yogurt breakfast parfaits. Before I tell you how I did it, let me tell you why i love R.e.d.d. bars so much..
R.e.d.d. bars are soy free (a must for me), vegan, gluten free, and have 35mg of caffeine! Also, 10 grams of protein, 11 superfoods, and 19 vitamins and minerals. Thats a lot of good stuff packing into one little bar. They're great on the go, camping, hiking, whatever. I always keep one in my purse and my car.


R.e.d.d. bars
Whatever toppings you like (I chose raspberries, crushed pistachios, and honey)


1. With a softened R.e.d.d. bar, line a ramekin squishing the bar on all sides.
2. Fill the ramekin with yogurt, and throw on your toppings.
3. Let set in fridge or freezer for about 2 hours or over night. (The freezer makes it more like froyo!)

Special thanks to R.e.d.d. for sponsoring this post.

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