What's On The Ultimate Cheese Board

I just LOVE a good cheese board. I could eat this for dinner every day and be perfectly content and satisfied. Last month on my Instastories, I asked you guys if you wanted the next blog post to be a cheese board, or a fig recipe. The cheese board won by a landslide so here you go! 
The key to a great cheese board is options. You want to have enough components to make endless flavor combinations. Different flavors such as sweet, spicy, salty etc, and different textures. Plan for 1-2 ounces of meat per person, and also 1-2 ounces of cheese per person. 
I like to start with the bread, crackers, meat, and cheese on the board and then fill in with fresh fruits and spreads, then lastly fill in all the small holes with the nuts. 
Below, I've listed my go-to items but feel free to use the list as a starting point, and add/take away components based on your preference.

Crackers and Bread                                                                    Fruit
Sourdough bread                                                                        Grapes
Whole grain crackers                                                                  Cantaloupe 
Herb crackers                                                                             Pear
Goat cheese                                                                               Spreads
Gouda                                                                                         Spicy mustard
Sharp cheddar                                                                            Dijon mustard
Pepper jack                                                                                 Honey
Blue cheese                                                                                Pesto

Meats                                                                                          Accoutrements
Salami                                                                                         Olives
Proccutio                                                                                     Assorted Nuts

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