DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs

Spring is here, and Easter is coming. I've always thought Easter was such a fun holiday. Especially as a kid.. 

In the morning, my parents would hide eggs in the yard, and my sister and I would race to get as many as we could. (Most of them were filled with money.) 
Then we would come in and get these amazing baskets with candy and toys.. And as we grew older the toys turned into Chanel makeup palettes, and Essie nail polish. 

I've always had a little soft spot for Easter. 

Here is a super chic way to decorate Easter eggs this year, and it's SUPER easy! (Just make sure you wear gloves!)

Eggs (faux or real)
Blue nail polish
Disposable container 
Room temperature water
Drying holder
Stir stick

1. Fill plastic container 3/4 ways full with room temperature water. (Cold water will make nail polish sink and set up fast).
2. Add nail polish to water. Stir if needed. 
3. Dip egg and swirl to get all sides covered. 
4. Place on drying rack, and let dry!

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