Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day lovers! 

Valentine's Day is my second favorite holiday after Halloween...

This is the first Valentine's Day I've been single in YEARRRSSS. At first, I was kind of sad I didn't have a significant other to share it with.. But then I thought, Valentine's Day isn't necessarily about being in love with someone, it's about celebrating LOVE! Everyone you love, my sister, my best friends, my mom, my co-workers, YOURSELF!.. It doesn't have to be something negative just because your single. Fuck the 'singles awareness day' bullshit.. 

OK.. I'm about to get real here... Yes, I'm single.. I'm divorced.. I haven't had very good luck with love. But I'm so thankful for that.. My marriage taught me to trust my instincts, and to not put up with bullshit.. Period. My most recent relationship taught me to not hold back, speak my mind, and be open.. (Which is SOOO hard for me). It has made me learn a lot! It has made me learn to be happy with, and love myself; which is the first step to any healthy relationship. I know a lot of people that try to be in relationships, and they're just not happy.. Even in a good relationship. Because they're not happy with themselves. It's really hard to be happy with yourself.. It's taken me YEARS, and many broken hearts to realize that boys will come and go.. But you're stuck with yourself forever. And that is the #1 relationship you should work on, first and foremost. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. I LOVE, love.. I'm a hopeless romantic. 

So if you're in a relationship, congratulations.. Have a fun night, wear something sexy, grab the coconut oil, and get laid. If not, go get yourself a 'singles blizzard' from Dairy Queen, treat yourself to a massage, watch a rom-com, and be thankful you have some amazing people in your life. 


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