Scalp Saver // At Home Recipe

1. Choose a base — one cup of plain yogurt or one whole avocado mashed up. Both are thick enough to act as a paste and will also moisturize with their abundance of healthy fats. Here, we chose avocados.
2. Add 10 drops of argan oil.
3. Add 2 tablespoons of honey. The sweet ingredient will aid in hydration and act as the “glue” for this recipe. It is always best to use raw honey for the enzymes.
4. Now add some drops of tea tree oil (we added this last to keep it the most potent). Though tempting to pour in the entire lot, add a few drops at a time. Trust us, the scent is strong!
5. Stir the mixture until smooth and creamy.
6. Using gloves, apply the mask directly on to the scalp. Press in and massage gently using your finger tips. Since there’s avocado and argan oil in it, you can pull the extra through your ends for moisture like we did for this mask!

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